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Older dog being aggressive towards new puppy...

Hi all,

I'm not too sure what to do. I have 2 male Jack Russell's (both just a little over a year old). The two play all the time and get along well with each othe. Also, the youngest is neutered, but the other one is not.

I just recently got a German Shepherd puppy. The problem is, my oldest Jack Russell is showing signs of aggression towards her - if she goes near him he growls and the hair on his back stands up... He is also just going out of his way to avoid her completely... My other dog is just friendly towards her. I don't understand this at all because my oldest JR never did this when we got our second JR - he was a rescue dog that we adopted when he was about 6 months old.

I have no idea what to do about this. I am too afraid to leave her alone at all with my other dogs...

Thank you in advance

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    Hello ,

    Please first let me give you some general info regarding training dogs.

    Please always consider in your mind that (as Cesar Milan says) dogs are dogs in the first place so we should always try to keep them happy as a DOG not a human ! Dogs always NEED a leader , a pack leader .. when they don't they will try to take over themselves. Now this is what is happening with your Older Jack Russel Terrier.

    It is never late to train your dogs so....

    First you should show your dogs that you are the BOSS... this does not mean that you should hurt them or something ... you should have a "NO" word... this word could be a big loud noise like "SHHHHHH" which I always find better since it snaps dogs out of the the aggressive state of mind that they are in.

    How to setup this "NO" word ? Well it really depends on the situation.

    In your case when the the old J.R. make an aggressive sound like growling or shows other aggressive signs try to go toward him and say the "NO" word like SHHHHH and if he did not listen go to him and poke his neck with 3 of your fingers.

    **** NOTE ****
    Please note that we are not going to hurt our dogs so you should be gentle when you are poking his neck. Now you may ask What is that for ?
    The reason is that this is something similar to what Dog mothers do when their puppies do something wrong ... so by doing this you are actually triggering that feeling ... and by doing this and making the SHHHH should at the same time ... you would tell him that SHHH means NO.

    Of course mastering this may take sometime but believe me if you do it correctly you would be able to have happy dogs while you are their leader.

    The second thing is that never give him affection when he is (or they are) doing something wrong like growling to each other .. because he would think that this is a good think hence he would do that negative action again and again.

    Some additional tips :

    - The best time for training dogs is after they are coming back from an outside walk or treadmill run. So they will not be hyperactive and they will concentrate to what you say.

    - Always give affection to your dogs when they are calm and submissive , so you will nurture this state in back of their mind.

    Please feel free to ask questions.

    Best of luck,


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