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I want an AKC Doberman puppy. I need him declawed.

edited December 2016 in Dog Discussions
I know everyone will say that it is inhumane and that a pet is family and that you would not do that to your family. WELL, ask any male human in your family about the inhumanity of circumcision. We have had a Chihuahua for 12 years. Landlords have been real receptive when we show them that our breeder had our Chihuahua declawed as a puppy. We keep our pets indoors and are subject to rules from Landlords. I even went as far as training our current dog to pee like a female dog as to not mark his territory. He is getting old, blind, and has bad teeth, which we were informed by the breeder of these breed traits. I would like to have him help train a puppy because he is such a good dog. We have moved in the last 12 years. Does anyone know of a vet that will declaw a dog in the Eastern North Carolina or Virginia area? Thanks R.

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  • Hello,

    Well I am not going to tell you if this is a right thing to do or not but first please let me provide you with some details about the whole procedure :

    When dogs are declawed, they have their first knuckle bones completely removed from their feet. It isn’t just pulling the nails out; it’s the equivalent of having your fingertips surgically removed. This is what makes the procedure so controversial among pet owners and even veterinary professionals.

    Therefore please consider these facts before making your final decision about it.

    Regarding finding the best Vet or Vet clinic , I believe the best option would be checking

    Here is an example which I searched for LA, California :,+CA&start=20

    And please note that by a proper training everything is possible to be done regarding dogs and surgical methods should always be the last choice.

    Good luck.
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