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Can anyone give me their opinion on a lump that my Queen has?

We had an appointment to get my Cat spayed when she reached 6 months when the vet said they would do it. My Cat is an inside cat, but happened to dart outside a couple times as soon as she heard the door. We did what we could to stop her, but sometimes she was just too clever and fast. Anyways, we took her to get spayed, and it was recommended to get an ultrasound since she had got out doors. Of course, she got pregnant.
My Cats name is Omen. She had her kittens last night 08/19/2018. The first one was breached, and did get stuck for a couple minutes. The second and third kitten came out with ease. Not a sound from Omen. She ate each placenta as it came out after each kitten. I counted. I know all three came out. She seems to be eating and drinking fine. I think she’s nursing the kittens ok too. She does come out periodically to lay in the main part of the house with the family for a few minutes, not too far from where the kittens are. My concern is Omens breathing. She still seems to be breathing kind of heavy. I thought for sure Omen was going to have at least 4 kittens. Right after her third I felt what I though was a 4th. She never had a 4th kitten, though. I’m still feeling the lump. I have no experience with Cats with kittens. My Cats have never had the chance to mate with another cat. I’m worried she has another kitten in her, and that maybe it is deceased. Omen had her first kitten at 7:30 last night, second at 8:20, and the third about 9:15. She seems to either be really exhausted or kind of depressed. I know the Queens belly is still swollen after birth, and that they have a little blood still afterwards. Omen isn’t bleeding heavy. She’s not dripping anything. I did notice some thick looking blood coming from her, too thick to drip from her. So my question is, does her lump seem normal or could she very well have a deceased kitten still inside her? She is going to the vet, but I would really appreciate some nice opinions from mature people to ease my mind.

Best Answer

  • Dear @tylyn3x,

    First please accept my apologies regarding the huge delay, I was on holidays.

    So, first would you please tell us if your vet told you anything about the number of kittens at the time of the ultrasound ?

    Usually you should not be worry about this issue as animals do it based on their nature and the depression might be due to lactation.

    However, if you still are worried about this issue the only 100% solution is ultrasound.

    Please note that for a nursing cat you should have a different nutrition plan, below points are important for a nursing cat's nutrition :

    1. Increased energy of the food (for a better milk production and to help the mother to maintain energy)
    2. Increased protein which is great for the growth and development of the kittens
    3. Increased fat to meet as the mother would need to maintain the energy during the lactation time
    4. Increased calcium and phosphorus which is good for both mother and kittens
    5. More digestible food
    Please feel free to update us with the condition of her.

    Wish you the best.

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