I'm considering rescuing a cat

Help! I'm considering rescuing a cat. I have concerns though. I have a foxhound and a dachshund. Are there any cats that get along better with dogs?
Also I have a dog door leading to a small fenced in yard. How to deal with climbing?
Thank you

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  • Dog.Lover
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    Regarding the right cat breed , I have to say it really depends on the time you put into the introduction of your dogs to the new cat. Of course cats are more territorial and in the first weeks you should really be careful and address any bad behaviour instantly.

    But generally Persian cats tend to be more gentle and most of the times they are calm however just like humans and dogs, each cat may have a different personality.

    And about the yard I have to say this is almost the problem of all of those who rescue a new cat ... personally I have not rescued a cat from shelter and my cats always have been in my house but I believe it would be better if you try to keep the new commer cat inside the house till he or she gets to know his or her new house and also gets used to you as the owner ... then I believe you would not have any issues afterwards.

    Please feel free to ask any questions.

    Good luck.
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