Female mother carrying puppy by the tail

My female mother chihuahua just had a litter with just one pup. She has been carrying and moving it by its tail. I just noticed today that a part of the tail has now called off where it was badly scabbed. It has hair about 1/2 way down then it just has a little stub of what I think is cartilage that has no hair and now the whole tail is only about 2 or a little more inches long will his tail and hair grow back or will it be a stub now that it broke off?

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  • Dog.Lover
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    In more than 90% of times there should not be a huge problem but what I would recommend is taking him to a vet since you mentioned that part of the tail is called off . Hence I think x-ray(s) might be needed to determine if there is fracture or miss location in tail's vertebrates.

    Regarding the hair I believe there would not be an issue and it will grow back, however it really depends on the scar and how deep it was.

    Please keep us updated with its condition.

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