My dog's nail has suddenly fallen off with no bleeding

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My dog's nail has fallen off. There was no bleeding,it was just there one minute,and gone the next.

I have no idea what to do please help

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  • Dog.Lover
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    Hi @lederppako,

    I have faced similar cases before. There is almost nothing to be worry about. Such incidents happen when a dog’s nails aren’t kept quite short enough, so a nail can get snagged or bumped into objects or harsh ground when running. Then small fractures may happen in the nail that in time when the nail grows it may fall off.

    So do not be worry it will grow back.

    However please check your dog's paw for any kind of redness, infection (like puss), pain and swelling in that area. In addition please try to keep it clean for a while till it grows back.

    If you faced anything unusual please take him or her to a vet for a check up. Never risk it.

    And please always remember to keep your dog's nails trimmed to avoid similar incidents :smile:

    Good luck.


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